Welcome to Pixiphotos

Our mission is to provide outstanding service, an enjoyable experience in front of the camera as well as photographs you will love.

Pixiphotos is proud to offer you our intimate and boutique approach to photography and we are here to help you have fun while we capture images that reflect your true essence. Superior service, state-of-the-art products, creative styles and friendly personalities are just a few of the many premier qualities that we offer our clients.


Gone are the days where people give poses for camera, now it’s the trend to click pictures that has more emotions and reactions. Candid photography is related to clicking pictures when the subject is not even aware that the photo is being clicked!

Pixiphotos Candid photography services in Chennai area is a new trend that expresses lot of emotions and fun where the photographer has the talent and ability to discover the beauty of every expression and click a picture.


Pixiphotos photographers offer amazing and high quality photography services for parties and events for all ages. We capture fun, excitement, thrill, bonding, friendship, zeal, shimmer and dazzle of the parties organized.

Parties and events such as kid’s parties, under 18 parties, hens’ parties, fancy dress parties, bachelors’ parties or corporate parties. Strike a great pose with your friends, colleagues and we would capture the right click forever. You can cherish the happiness forever with your friends and family.


Pixiphotos shoots photographs for company advertising, promotion and documentation purposes. The subject matter varies from industrial premises and equipment, through products and processes, to corporate events and personnel.